About Us

Formed in 1999, our AV Rated firm has over 100 years combined experience in the defense of workers’ compensation and general liability matters. Our workers’ compensation defense attorneys tirelessly defend businesses and insurance companies from undue liability and exposure associated with workplace injuries. Spiegel & Cahill, P.C. is large enough to offer clients the full range of litigation resources they require, yet small enough to custom tailor its litigation approach to the specific needs and desires of each client.

By pro-actively partnering with its clients to not only defend, but to reduce the frequency of litigated claims, Spiegel & Cahill, P.C. has assisted employers in significantly reducing their overall workers’ compensation costs.

Our workers’ compensation defense attorneys have experience handling a wide range of workplace injury cases. Our experience helps us know when it is appropriate to call on experts, such as medical and other professionals, for facts and expert testimony. We construct a defense that frames our position clearly and accurately as we resolutely protect our client’s interests in negotiations or in court.

Spiegel & Cahill, P.C.’s success can be traced to the ability to combine a thorough knowledge of the client’s needs and goals, coupled with the attorney’s ability to deliver quality legal services in a time efficient and cost effective manner. This combination has led to a level of service and satisfaction unmatched in the workers’ compensation defense community.